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Fran Rowse

Is a 23 year old award winning photographer and curator, born and bred in Cornwall.

Her fashion photography and documentary style offers a window into the lives and dreams of women and girls in the southwest Situated between photography, workshops, speaking and curating, her work confronts social constraints, feminism and new contemporary ideas of Cornish culture. After publishing her debut photobook 'Maids', she won Multiple awards and started to champion Cornwall in a wider context. Always inspired by her homeland, she works on commissions and long term projects with world wide designers and clients, as well as 'Maids'.

Selected Press

ItsNiceThat - 'Maids - Fran Rowse'

Refinery 29 - 'Maids - Fran Rowse'

Bible of British Taste - 'Maids - Fran Rowse'

AnOther mag - social media 'Lara at home'

Sticks and stones Management - 'Farmcore'

All-In Studio


Royal West of England Academy photography Runner up. 

Newlyn Gallery, Curation funding. 

Fotonow, Southwest Graduate photographer Prize  


Doc Martens, Heavn (Marc Jacobs),  Avgvst, Frances O, WesternAffair, Miss Crofton, Naive knitwear

please contact directly for enquiries:

Instagram: franrowse_

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